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Holland - A large crowd turned up at the protest march against the deportation of Iranian asylum seekers in Nijmegen, Holland.
See Announcements for the final statement read by the protesters and N.A.M.I.R's letter of protest to Mrs. E.Schmitz the Dutch minister of justice.

London - Dr. Abdolkarim Sorush turned up for a lecture at Imperial College of London. The event was organised by word of mouth and without any official public announcements. A crowd of some 150, mostly students at the Imperial College, turned up to listen to his lecture which started with readings from the Koran in Arabic. There seemed to be nothing new in his speech and no real criticism of the regime in Iran was made. Dr. Sorush who is trying to become Ali Shariati Mk II, was part of the establishment during the bloody "cultural revolution" in Iran which resulted in the closure of the Iranian universities for two years.

Paris - Once again the blood thirsty regime of Iran has assassinated an opposition figure in Paris. Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh (Reza Mazluman) was shot in his flat on Monday by the agents of the Islamic Republic. He was the editor of Payam-e-Azadegan (Message of the Free) and a staunch opponent of the Islamic Republic.
No doubt his friends and colleagues will not be deterred by his brutal killing and will continue more zealously to expose the horrors of the Islamic Republic.

Holland - A few days after the Human Rights Commission issued a resolution strongly condemning the critical human rights violations in Iran, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs made an ill founded report claiming improvements in Iran in an attempt to pave the way for the Ministry of Justice to send Iranian asylum seekers back.
These people, who have fled the human rights situation in Iran, in the hope that they would find peace and freedom in the Netherlands, are very worried indeed about their future in case they would be sent back to Iran. This fear has made one of our countrymen in the asylum seeker's centre in Groesbeek (near Nijmegen) to go on hunger strike and to die in a free country rather than having to return to Iran. He has been on hunger strike since April 17th and his physical and psychological state can only be described as very critical.
A protest march is being held in Nijmegen on May 29th between 2:00 - 4:00 pm which will lead to city hall.

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Tehran - A parliamentary body investigating Iran's central bank has charged it with mismanaging the country's finances by allowing overspending, resulting in a foreign debt of $43 billion in 1995.
The committee, in a report published in newspapers on Sunday, said the bank authorised foreign currency expenditures of $99.7 billion in a four-year period ending in March 1993, on an income of $62.3 billion.
Another committee presented a highly critical report about Iran's largest state-affiliated economic conglomerate in the final days of the outgoing parliament which held its last session on Sunday.
The report presented a long list of alleged financial irregularities at the Bonyad-e Mostazafan va Janbazan (Foundation for the Deprived and the War Disabled) which controls more than 700 factories, firms and hotels.
It charged the foundation with selling large numbers of properties to its own officials or their relatives at radically discounted prices.! (surprise, surprise..!) and running its firms inefficiently and failing to provide adequate services to the disabled of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.
The report was the latest public criticism of the foundation, headed by former Revolutionary Guards officer Mohsen Rafiqdoust who was accused last year of being involved in a big bank fraud for which his brother was jailed for life.

Tehran - Only some 4,000 Islamic militants turned up on Saturday to mark the end of the "Week for Promoting Virtue and Prohibiting Vice", chanting "death to Israel" and "death to America" at a rally in Tehran.
Men, mostly dressed in black shirts, and women clad in black chador gathered in Vali Asr square in central Tehran for a rally officially named "Defense of Islamic Revolution."

Tehran - Recent increases in political activities by the students in Iran's universities has made the Ayatollahs feel uncomfortable about their future monopoly on political power.
A number of Friday prayer sermons by the regime's speakers have expressed concern about the influence of "Liberal" ideas amongst the new generation of Iranian students.
Ayatollah Khamenei the spiritual leader of the revolution in an audience with Iran's education officials stressed that the universities must be purged of non-believers and those students and lecturers unsympathetic to the Islamic Revolution.
'...These type of people are insensitive to the feelings of "Baseejis" and our committed students.. Those who are advocating against our Islamic values and our regime must be put aside and replaced by those loyal to the Islamic Republic..."Ayatollah Khamenei told his audience.
Meanwhile Hezbollah thugs have been gathering in Tehran University and preventing Dr.Sorush from teaching his students. The last time he was able to hold a class was two weeks ago.
In a letter to President Rafsanjani he said :
"No one offers me a teaching job any more.. There is only one at the Social Sciences College, where I face serious life threats,". His letter was published in newspapers.
In 1980 the regime's thugs attacked the universities in order to purge the "non-confirming" students and many of the best brains of our country were killed, wounded or expelled. All universities were closed for two years and the country, while desperately needing technical expertise, was unable to produce any graduates.


Tehran - Up to 230,000 members of a volunteer force "Baseej" will start enforcing the week-long crackdown on "un-Islamic values" called the "week for promoting virtue and prohibiting vice" on Sunday, Tehran radio said.
The week which is marked in Iran every year to urge people to follow Islamic rules, conduct and dress is dreaded by the Iranian people. During this week hundreds of people will get arrested, fined and beaten, in order that Islamic values get promoted!.

Tehran -The bodies of 800 Iranians killed during the Iran-Iraq war were found in the last three months by search teams which found the bodies in several areas in west of Iran. Since Iran formed the special search parties in 1991, over 25,000 bodies of Iranians killed in the war have been found.

Tehran - Ayatollah Ahmad Janatti in a Friday mass prayer sermon broadcast on Tehran radio claimed the Iranian revolution was steadily spreading in Saudi Arabia and other Moslem states.
"The wave of revolution is slowly taking over the land of Arabia and also spreading to other places.." He preached.

Gaza - Freih Abu Medeen a member of Palestinian cabinet said on Thursday that militants rounded up during a sweep against Islamic groups that carried out suicide bombings in Israel revealed an Iranian link.
"Our investigations has revealed that the responsibility for those groups lies within Hamas but they were being financed by Iran, This became clear during our interrogations." he said.

Tehran - More than 200 fraud cases were uncovered at the country's largest commercial bank !. A total of 241 cases of embezzlement totalling $19.9 million had occurred at the Bank Melli Iran in the seven year period ending last November.
A mayor in south-western Ilam province was also arrested on embezzlement charges and earlier press reports said the mayor of a Tehran district was being tried on mismanagement of funds and moral charges. Corruption in the Islamic Republic of Iran has grown like cancer and has surpassed astronomical proportions.
N.A.M.I.R : Soon it will be the Islamic Republic which will be tried for mismanagement of funds and moral charges.

Tehran - Iran's top judge has blasted the Baha'ii faith as a spy organisation, rejecting criticism over alleged persecution of the minority religion in the Islamic republic, the Iranian news agency IRNA said on Tuesday.
It quoted the head of the Judiciary, Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, as saying "religious minorities in Iran enjoy freedom...However, ..Baha'iism is not a religion but an espionage establishment. Iran will by no means sacrifice...Islamic rules in order to appease the international bodies," Yazdi was speaking to a group of Shi'ite theologians in Qom.

Tehran - Hizbollah thugs prevented Abdolkarim Sorush from making a speech at the Amir Kabir university in downtown Tehran. About 300 police in riot gear stood in the adjacent street, which was blocked to traffic for two hours.
Sorush however, did not turn up and instead sent a message to the student organisers saying he was prohibited by security officials and also feared violence might errupt.

Tehran - Iran and Kazakhstan have agreed on a two million tonnes per year oil exchange deal which could be increased to six million in 10 years, according to a NIOC spokesman whose remarks were published on Sunday.

Tehran - Syrian Vice-President Abdel-Halim Khaddam arrived in Tehran on Saturday to hold talks with senior Iranian officials, said IRNA.
The talks will focus on Iranian-Syrian ties and the aftermath of the Israeli attack on Lebanon.

USA - Klaus Kinkel, the German Foreign Minister, in a meeting with the US Jewish society, praised the benefits of Europe's critical dialogue with Iran. In the list of so called "benefits", he included an improvement in the Islamic Republic's human rights record!!!!!!!.

NAMIR - Words fail us!

Tehran - Hezbollah thugs attacked a Tehran cinema and beat spectators, including a pregnant woman, to stop the screening of an Iranian comedy called "Present from India".
Hundreds of mostly young louts gathered outside the Qods cinema on Sunday and chanted slogans against the film. Then about fifty of them attacked, breaking glass doors and beating up spectators and the manager.
"A pregnant lady was badly beaten and was taken to a hospital with bleeding" the employee, who did not want to be named, told Reuters by telephone.
The authorities had already cut four minutes from the film.

Tehran - Bread prices in Iran have risen by up to 50 percent in the past week. The Commerce Ministry, in a statement quoted by the daily Iran on Monday, confirmed increases of about 30 percent, saying they were due to rises in fuel and labour costs and reitrating that state wheat prices had not changed.
Bread is among commodities for which the government has budgeted to pay $1.46 billion in subsidies in the Iranian new year.

Tehran - Iran's parliament has passed a law imposing the death sentence for anyone convicted of providing confidential or classified information or correspondence to foreigners, especially the United States or Israel, or to opposition groups fighting for the overthrow of the government. The law also stipulates confiscating the convicted "spy" 's property.

Tehran - Iran's parliament on Sunday withdrew a law it passed banning smoking in public places because of opposition from the Guardian Council.
The Guardian Council, which vets parliament decisions before they take effect, ruled the law was unconstitutional because it would cut government revenues by banning the sale or purchase of cigarettes without finding a replacement source of income.

Kabul - The Iranian embassy in the battered Afghan capital of Afghanistan was badly damaged by rocket fire which slightly injured two staff members, the Iranian news agency IRNA said on Sunday.

Tehran - Five senior Iranian Shi'ite Moslem clerics this week warned against women taking part in cycling, riding and canoeing, the hardline conservative weekly 'Sobh' said.
Shortly afterwards a group of 'Baseeji' militia thugs attacked female cyclists at Tehran's Chitgar park and clashed with the park officials. The thugs also insulted Faeze Hashemi, President Rafsanjani's daughter, who is in charge of women's sports in Iran.

Washington - Shimon Peres, the Israeli Prime Minister, once again expressed his concern over Iran obtaining nuclear technology.
"Iran is only four years away from obtaining nuclear weapons and that is all the time we have in stopping the fundamentalist forces ...". However he refused to confirm Israeli intentions to attack Iranian nuclear installations, similar to the previous Israeli attack on Iraq in 1981 by Menachem Begin, and said Israel will seek other preventative means first.